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Ubaid Jafri is a an M.S in Information Security(MS-IS) and has been in commercial banking and the risk management consultancy industry for over 11 years. In early era of his career he was a known professional for providing security assessment services related to Security of Network & Infrastructure and Dynamic Applications across Pakistan. He is currently serving as Manager Information Security in Martin Dow Limited, Prior to joining Martin Dow Limited he worked for Global Firm KPMG for over 4 years as Manager Cyber Security & Forensic Technology where he had been leading the technical team of Cyber security & Forensics Technology in Pakistan and currently on the leader board of Barracuda, Symantec and Imperva Incapsula as a best security reviewer. He is one of the leading experts who has hands-on experience in the leading technology relevant to Cyber Defense, Cyber Analytics, Emerging technologies, Cyber readiness, Internet of things, Digital forensic, cyber incident response, identity and access management, Business continuity management, Data leakage prevention, Security transformation & Integration, Threat intelligence, Security operation center, Compromise Assessment, Security program support and security strategy & Governance. He worked on portfolio of over 100+ clients to deliver his experience to reputed clients in Pakistan, Oman, Egypt , Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain . He posses honor of being a mentor of renowned information security professionals by providing training and guidance. To the fraternity of information system and security he had contributed through delivering information security related courses in over 10+ universities of Pakistan. The specialties regarding the domain of information security can be categorized as below:
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Network Infrastructure Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Digital Forensic Investigations
  • I.T Governance & Compliance
  • Security of Cloud Computing
  • I.T Infrastructure Security
  • Information Security Compliance Readiness
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Digital Transformation & Integration
  • Compromise Assessment

Contribution to the world of Cyber..

  • 20+ articles published which includes controls that can be encountered Data Leakage, Securing POS Terminal, Network Architecture in context of Information Security, 7 Layers Security Assessment etc.
  • Highest Marks Achiever in CISCO Examination (2010).

Cyber Security Awareness

Conduct Cyber Security Awareness Sessions over 10+ universities student as a contribution to the society for the new generation.

Honored Guest

Guest of Honor at 10+ universities (FAST, KU, CBM, PAF KIET, SSUET, IU, BIZTEK, BAHARIA etc.)

Leader Board

Ubaid Jafri is on the Leader board published by IT Central Station on Imperva Encapsula, Barracuda, Symentec and Cisco.

Forensic Technology Services

Experienced in conducting the Digital Forensic Investigation(s) for global clients and Top Banks of Srilanka, Oman, Pakistan.

  • Assisted the forensic function in the investigations and other related services that specifically includes maintaining chain of custody for suspected systems, imaging of hard-drives data, indexing and retrieval of data for the key word searches and other data analysis where needed. Ubaid has been involved in more then 15+ forensic investigations with local and international clients.
  • conducted live aquisition in corporate environment, Hands on experience in physical and logical imaging & tools such as ProDiscover, Encase, FTech Linux (KPMG Proprietary) Access Data FTK Data Imager Digital Evidence and Forensics Toolkit, Autopsy, Oxygen Forensic Suit etc.

UJ's | Encyclopedia

This section contain the details of Research work, Analysis were performed on different projects.

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UJ's Projects

Threr are number of projects which Ubaid has designed & developed on different programming languages, some of the famous and recorgnized projects are mentioned below

Automated Network Management System

An automated networked based system which identifies the outdated ptches in the client machines, Assess the fault occured in the client machines and Automatically scan client machines for os and application realated vulnerabilities

Project HoneyNet

A Project designed on Linux kernal with customized scripts and enhaced Intrusion detection system, System has the capability to create, manage and replicates different profiles of operating system in order to record the pattern used by Malicious intruder

WordPress Security Scanner

A tool designed on Asp.net with customized script used by the wordpress in order to identify the default, weak, unmanaged security flaws in the wordpress site. The scanner scans the wordpress site by simply entering the URL of the website, generates the report which includes (Risk, Impact, Severity, and Recommendations)

Internal & External Network Security Auditor

A tool specifically designed to assess the (Internal and External) vulnerabilities of system, the tool has the capability to perform penetration testing by taking permission, It also takes the inventory of the system which includes (Services details, Installed Programs, open ports and default protocols

Digital Investigator

A Digital forensic tool developed on C#.Net, specifically designed to track the Users activity by providing the timestamps (Date range). Tool has the capability to create a visual graph of the user activities perform on that certain period of time for example (Login, Application Launch, data Saved, external Drive Plugged in, Recent open files etc.

System Performance & Security Enhancer

A Small Tool Developed on C#.Net Platform, ability to enhance the performance of the system by modifying the registry keys, disabling unnecessary ports, services, protocols, and update the registry key by creating DWORD which increase bandwidth utilization, clear RAM memory spaces

Checking Unofficial Presence Over the Internet

A tools developed in C#.Net Platform, specifically designed to identify an organization unofficial presence over the internet which includes (Unofficial Web pages, Social media Pages, Jobs Publications, Articles negatively shared on internet)etc. The application can also identify the fake websites developed by misusing the name of the organization.

Mobile Application Security Assessor

A Tool Designed & Developed on C#.Net Platform, The tool can conduct an individual assessment of Mobile Application (.Apk) files in order to assess the security of mobile application, the tool has the capability to perform the following task (Reverse Engineering, Lack of Binary Protection, Cloning, Sensitive Link Disclosure,

UJ's Articles | Cyber & Information Security

There are multiple articles published by Ubaid Jafri over the internet, below are the list of articles related to cyber & information security

Controls To Ensure Data Leakage Prevention

Network and security devices that provide control mechanism for Data Leakage Prevention can encounter malfunction due to improper configuration and/or unavailability of functionality. Lack of co-ordination between professionals from Information Systems, IT Security, Data Security, Risk Management,Network Operations and Forensics which possess risk to organisation to understand the risk treatment against Data Leakage by understanding the data available in organisation and mediums of data transfer in environment which may include the mediums on computing devices, visual,networking devices and data entry & extraction tools.

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Reducing the difference of IT DR and Cyber drills

Every IT DR Drill may not falls under the category of cyber drill scenario. whereas every cyber drill scenario is IT DR Scenario, whereas in order to get ready before any other attack strike in an organization, cyber drills are become the necessary requirement. considering the difference of cyber drills and business continuity plan drills.

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Requirement for creating a Penetration Testing Lab

A document is designed to make a Penetration test LAB in order to simulate the vulnerabilities in the testing environment and to execute the vulnerability assessment & penetration testing from the LAB by providing the Static IP to the Client, ensuring that the test is being performed from a valid/legitimate link.

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